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Edos & Edmos is a dynamics business unit of the Professionals' Association Marra Urso Legal,  International Law and Tax Firm,  providing Italian and foreign Companies with qualified international business services. The competition in the global economy obliges Companies of all sizes and from all sectors to a continuous evolution through the research of the best practices to run proficiency business. Edos & Edmos provides the Companies with ex-pertise to grant to the Clients to take full ad- vantage of the opportunities offered by global markets. Edos & Edmos aims to find the best solutions for Companies wishing to consolidate, restructure and grow by finding new markets, na-tional and international, to add value to their products.
Problem-solving approach and metothology
IEdos & Edmos' high skilled experts works side- by -side with the already trusted advisors, managers or Edos' professionals could works with Companies directors in outsourcing.
Increasing profits and marginality
Edos & Edmos evaluates and redraws corporate processes and the operational structures, in order to put in place strategies, to improve Company profits and marginality
Acquisition of new clients and business partner
Edos & Edmos provides marketing and communication services, tailored on each Company’s needs. Edos & Edmos offers tailored and integrated market analysis, positioning (...)
Legal and tax assistance
Edos & Edmos offers nationally and internationally legal advice (preventive and continuous). Edos & Edmos provides information about the legal system (corporate, commercial, tax, banking/credit ...)
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